XML Processing Benchmark for Java ( XPB4J )

Version 0.8,

XML Processing Benchmark for Java (XPB4J) is a Java based performance measurement and comparison program for XML processing software. XML operations such as parsing, transformation, validation, encryption/decryption, custom access/manipulation or any combination of these applied on one or more XML files and/or byte streams is considered as XML processing.

XPB4J doesn't define any benchmark standard; it simply defines a framework to execute and measure performance characteristics of certain Processing Activities. If the same operation can be performed with different Processing Methods ( say, using different parsing APIs such as SAX, DOM, JDOM, Pull Parser API or Cocoon framework) then the performance charateristics of these can be measured and compared. One could also use different parsers and/or transformers and compare the results for the same processing method.

Read more about XPB4J in XPB4J User Guide.

You can view performance and memory usage figures and my conclusions for XStat Processing as observed on my Windows 98 box.

Here is a posting by Aleksander Slominski on Measurement mechanism and XPP measurements.

XPB4J has been developed by Pankaj Kumar and is protected by this copyright. You can use it free of charge as per this license.

Download XPB4J 0.8 and play with it. The download contains sources as well as binaries. These binaries were built using JDK1.3 on my Windows98 box.

Send your comments/observations/feedback to Pankaj Kumar.